RH Call Up #4 with Stuart Horsfield

Stuart Horsfield is a writer and member of the Senior Leadership Team for These Football Times, where he also hosts These Football Times podcast. For his day job he lectures in sports and on a Football Coaching degree program.
He just wrote his first book, it’s about the greatest team never to win a World Cup and some would argue they were better than most teams who’ve actually won it! That magical 1982 Brazilian side. The book is titled: 1982 Brazil, The Glorious Failure.

RH Call Up #1 with Saltair F.C.

In this episode, we talk to the guys at Saltair FC, Andy Munoz and Josh Clark about the history of this very “real” and legendary club from Salt Lake City, Utah. I know, it sounds weird, but it was a grand ol’ silly time and hopefully fun for you listening as well.
Make sure to check them out on Twitter and Instagram, their handle is @Saltairfc, they just released a dope jersey that only the cool kids will have. You can get yours and find out more on saltairfc.com.