RH Call Up #8 with Jazz Singh

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Jasveer Singh is a journalist by trade with a lifelong obsession with football. Born and raised in London now residing in Vancouver, he has covered football at various levels as a journalist and participated in the game in all manner of ways as well. Follow Jazz on Twitter: @JazzTheJourno.

Show Notes:

  • Thoughts on the European Super League attempt
  • The trend of modern fandom denigrating football greats of the past
  • Jazz supporting a national team
  • South Asians in football and racism
  • On being a Londoner supporting Manchester United
  • Manchester United greats
  • Shootout questions with Jazz:
  • Top 3 players ever
  • Who would Jazz have a conversation with in the history of the game
  • Top 3 matches in history to attend
  • One change to any match in history
  • What club would Jazz support if it wasn’t Manchester United
  • Book recommendations: Keane: The Autobiography, Corner Flags And Corner Shops by Jas Bains and Sanjiev Johal and El Diego: The Autobiography of the World’s Greatest Footballer
  • Podcast recommendations: The Peter Crouch and The Robbie Fowler Podcast