Icarus FC

RH Call Up #7 with Robby Smukler of Icarus F.C.

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Robby Smukler is the creator of Icarus F.C., one of the most creative football kit manufactures in existence. Along with designing and producing uniforms for clubs, Icarus F.C. started a line of historical shirts envisioning what classic civilizations of the past would’ve worn, had the beautiful game been a reality for them. A few examples include the Kingdom of Kush, the Ottoman Empire and more.
With these historical designs in mind, we got together to discuss their creation.
You may find these shirts on their website: Icarusfc.com
Twitter: @icarusfcphl
Instagram: icarusfootball

Show Notes:

  • Robby’s design process
  • Sources of inspiration
  • Favorite kits of all time
  • Robby’s least favorite kits
  • Underrated kits
  • Top Modern kits
  • Opinion on MLS kits
  • On designing kits for teams like Brazil and France
  • Ottoman Empire kit
  • Republic of Vermont kit
  • La Serenissima kit
  • Machu Picchu kit
  • A.S. Vesaevus kit
  • Kingdom of Kush kit
  • Future kit releases
  • Jordan Wiebe
  • Shootout questions with Robby:
  • Top 3 players ever
  • Who would Robby have a drink with in the history of the game?
  • Top 3 matches he would attend in the history of the game
  • One change he would make to any match in history
  • Book recommendation: Up Pohnpei: Leading the ultimate underdogs to glory
  • Podcast recommendation: The Ringer