RH Call Up #4 with Stuart Horsfield

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Stuart Horsfield is a writer and member of the Senior Leadership Team for These Football Times, where he also hosts These Football Times podcast. For his day job he lectures in sports and on a Football Coaching degree program.

He just wrote his first book, it’s about the greatest team never to win a World Cup and some would argue they were better than most teams who’ve actually won it! That magical 1982 Brazilian side. The book is titled: 1982 Brazil, The Glorious Failure.

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Show Notes:

  • How that 1982 Brazil side influenced Stuart.
  • The beauty of their game and which other sides compare stylistically.
  • On the atmosphere leading up to the 1982 World Cup as an England fan.
  • On being a football supporter vs a club supporter.
  • On bringing the memories of a 10 year to the book as an adult.
  • Mystique in old football playing styles vs modern football’s homogeneity.
  • How he set out to write the book.
  • How the book is structured.
  • Interviewing Abraham Klein and Alexandre Chivadze.
  • Shout to Steven Scragg(@Scraggy_74): A Tournament Frozen in Time and Where the Cool Kids Hung Out.
  • Surprises that arose from the book research.
  • His views on 1982 Brazil side before and after the book.
  • “The day football died” narrative explained.
  • Conversation with Patrick Barclay(@paddybarclay)
  • Conversation with Juca Kfouri(@BlogdoJuca)
  • Following the bizarre group format in the 1982 World Cup.
  • Thoughts as the tournament progressed and the Italian team.
  • Abraham Klein’s accounts.
  • Views on traditional World Cup winners vs challengers
  • What about the big clubs, big money and Financial Fair Play?
  • Technological changes in the game.
  • Shootout questions with Stuart:
  • Top 3 players ever.
  • Who would Stuart have a drink with in the history of the game?
  • Top 3 matches he would attend in the history of the game.
  • One change he would make to any match in history.
  • What club would Stuart support if not Hull City?
  • Top 3 football books:
  • Goalkeepers are different by Brian Glanville
  • Dr. Sócrates by Andrew Downie(@adowniebrazil)
  • Inverting the Pyramid by Jonathan Wilson(@jonawils)
  • Podcast recommendations:
  • These Football Times Podcast
  • That Peter Crouch Podcast