Ep. 5: Starostin’s Spartak Brotherhood Part 4

Part 4 begins in 1934. The Soviet Union opens its borders for diplomatic reasons which in turn exposes their football to the outside world. The Starostins will encounter new ideas, opponents and different styles of play, helping them push the evolution of the Soviet game.
Nikolai will lead the creation of a new club, Spartak Moscow, and will challenge Dynamo Moscow’s growing supremacy on and off the the pitch. As great as their achievements are, it will begin to bother some folks, enemies will rise and with that, an ever present danger surfacing in the background.

What we cover in this episode:

  • The USSR opens its borders
  • The Moscow Select team travels to Czechoslovakia
  • Spartak Moscow is born
  • Spartak-Dynamo combine travels to France
  • Soviet football is exposed to different ideas
  • Professionalism in a Communist State
  • Football on the Red Square
  • Spartak crowned Champions
  • First Moscow Show Trial


Spartak Moscow: A History of the People’s Team in the Workers’ State by Robert Edelman

Soviet Sport and Transnational Mass Culture in the 1930’s by Barbara Keys

A Tale of Football by Andrey Starostin

Spring of the Patriarch by Nikolai Starostin