Starostin Brotherhood

Ep. 4: Starostin’s Spartak Brotherhood Part 3

In part 3 of the series, we pick things up in 1926. We see Krasnaya Presnia achieve a new levels of success and popularity. The Party’s constant changes in its fight against Capitalism will steadily create more problems, but thanks to the work of Nikolai Starostin and company, the club and players will keep uncovering new ways to grow, ultimately finding themselves on the verge of something big.

What we cover in this episode:

  • USSR’s environment/living conditions in late 20’s early 30’s
  • Starostin’s connections
  • Krasnaya Presnia’s Popularity
  • Changes in the game
  • A new rival emerges
  • Battle of Taksim
  • A bold idea


Spartak Moscow: A History of the People’s Team in the Workers’ State by Robert Edelman

Everyday Stalinism: Ordinary Life in Extraordinary Times: Soviet Russia in the 1930s by Sheila Fitzpatrick